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  • texindent: Automatic indentation and formatting of a TeX-file.

  • texcleanup: Apply any of the following options to a TeX-file:

    • Remove all comments or comment-lines.

    • Modify all occurrences of a command, for example to change \TG{deleted}{inserted} to inserted.

    • Rename a label.

    • Ensure common prefixes for all labels.

    • Ensure usage of \cref instead of \ref.

  • texplain: Create a directory with a TeX-file and only its dependencies (those figure-files and references that are actually included). This is particularly useful to create a clean version to submit to a journal.


  • texcleanup:

    - repo:
      rev: v0.8.0
      - id: texcleanup
        args: [--format-labels, --use-cleveref]
  • texindent:

    - repo:
      rev: v0.8.0
      - id: texindent
        args: []


All of these tools wrap around a Python module that you can use just as well!


This library is free to use under the MIT license. Any additions are very much appreciated, in terms of suggested functionality, code, documentation, testimonials, word-of-mouth advertisement, etc. Bug reports or feature requests can be filed on GitHub. As always, the code comes with no guarantee. None of the developers can be held responsible for possible mistakes.

Download: .zip file | .tar.gz file.

(c - MIT) T.W.J. de Geus (Tom) | | |

Getting texplain#

Using conda#

conda install -c conda-forge texplain

Using PyPi#

python -m pip install texplain

From source#

# Download texplain
git checkout
cd texplain

# Install
python -m pip install .


Indices and tables#